Ysgol Uwchradd Caergybi, Holyhead, Anglesey LL65 1NP


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PRIORITY 1: Improve Standards In Performance (NWR)


PRIORITY 2: Strengthen Leadership And Build Sustainable Capacity For Change (AW)


PRIORITY 3: Improve The Quality Of Teaching, Learning And Assessment - MS


PRIORITY 4: Further Develop And Improve The School’s Inclusive Ethos And Equality Of Opportunity For All Pupils (SD)


PRIORITY 5: Improve Cross Phase Continuity And Progression (AW)


PRIORITY 6: Improve The Learning Environment And The Quality Of The Curriculum (PN)


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The Pupil Deprivation Grant (PDG)/Scholl Effectiveness Grant (SEG) is the Welsh Government’s principal means of supporting schools to reduce the impact of a disadvantaged background on the educational attainment of pupils who receive Free School Meals (FSM) or who are Looked After Children (LAC).

They are  intended to overcome the additional barriers that some learners face which prevent them from attaining as well as their peers, whatever their ability.


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Y Swyddfa Addysg a Hamdden, 
Parc Mownt, 
Ffordd Glanhwfa, 
LL77 7EY, 
Phone: 01248 752900

You have the right to see a number of documents such as Government Circulars, Local Education Policies, the policies and curricular aims of the School Governors, HMI reports on the school, schemes of work and subject syllabuses, the annual report to parents and so on.

You may contact the Headteacher during school hours to arrange a convenient time to see these documents. 

If you require copies there will be a charge for photocopying.

We will make every effort to ensure that parents have the current and correct details.

Within fifteen school days of receiving a written request by a parent for a copy of a pupil’s educational record, the Head teacher must provide a copy of it on payment of such fee (not exceeding the cost of supply), if any, as the governing body may prescribe.

Ysgol Uwchradd Caergybi adheres to the All Wales Child Protection Procedures
The school will:

  • ensure that it has a designated senior member of staff and a deputy designated person who has undertaken the appropriate training provided by the local authority;
  • recognise the role of the designated person and arrange support and training.
  • ensure every member of staff and every governor knows:-
  • the names of the designated member of staff, the deputy designated member of staff, the governor with responsibility for child protection
  • that they have individual responsibility for referring child protection concerns using the proper channels immediately to the designated member of staff;
  • who to refer concerns to where the designated persons are unavailable;
  • who to refer to if there are concerns relating to the designated members of staff
    • ensure that members of staff are aware of the need to be alert to signs of abuse and know how to respond to a pupil who may disclose abuse;
    • ensure that parents have an understanding of the responsibility placed on the school and staff for child protection by setting out its obligations in the school brochure;
    • provide training for staff so that they know:-
      • i. their personal responsibility;

        ii. the agreed local procedures;

        iii. the need to be vigilant in identifying cases of abuse and ;

        iv. how to support a child who discloses abuse.

    • notify the local social services team (duty desk) if:-
    • a pupil on the child protection register is excluded either for a fixed term or  permanently and;
    • if there is an unexplained absence of a pupil on the child protection register of more than two days duration from school (or one day following a weekend);
    • work to develop effective links with relevant agencies and cooperate as required with their enquiries regarding child protection matters. This includes attendance at initial CP conferences, core groups and review CP conferences and the submission of reports for conferences.
    • keep written records of concerns about children (noting the date, event and action taken) even if there is no need to refer the matter to social services immediately using the relevant proforma
    • ensure all records are kept in secure and locked locations;
    • adhere to the procedures set out in the Welsh Assembly guidance in circular 45/2004 when an allegation is made against a member of staff;
    • ensure the criminal background of applicants for vacant posts are checked in accordance with the Welsh Assembly Government guidance in circular 34/2002 'Child Protection: Preventing Unsuitable people from working with Children in the Education Sector and;
    • designate a governor for child protection who will oversee the school's child protection policy and practice and undertake the appropriate child protection training.

    See Policies Section for full Policy

    The school’s AEN Policy states that each pupil has individual and unique needs.  It also recognises the fact that some pupils require more support than others to achieve their potential.  Ysgol Uwchradd Caergybi aims to provide all pupils with strategies for dealing with their needs in a supportive environment and to give them meaningful access to the National Curriculum. A full copy of the AEN Policy can be found in the Policies section of the website


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    Key Stage 3 – Years 7, 8 and 9:

    • Mathematics
    • Science
    • Welsh
    • Humanities : History, Geography, Religious Education
    • Languages : English, French, Additional Literacy
    • Technology
    • Information Technology
    • Creative & Physical : Art, Music, Physical Education
    • Personal & Social Education

    Key Stage 4 – Years 10 and 11:

    • Mathematics
    • English (Language & Literature)
    • Science : Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Double Science, BTEC Science Level 2
    • Cymraeg
    • French
    • History
    • Geography
    • Religious Education
    • Design Technology : Resistant Materials, Textiles, Graphics, Catering
    • Music
    • Art
    • Drama
    • Physical Education
    • Information and Communication Technology
    • Health & Social Care

    Shared provision courses:

    • Hair & Beauty
    • Engineering
    • Hospitality
    • Public Services
    • Vehicle Technology
    • Construction
    • Sport
    • Vehicle Systems Maintenance
    • Basic Construction Skills
    • Leisure
    • Photography

    Key Stage 5 – Years 12 and 13
    AS/A level – unless otherwise stated:

    • Physics
    • Chemistry
    • Biology
    • English
    • Mathematics
    • Welsh Second Language
    • Art and Design
    • Applied Science (BTEC)
    • OCR Level 3 Cambridge Technical Introductory Diploma in Business
    • Health and Social Care (BTEC)
    • OCR Level 3 Cambridge Technical Introductory Diploma in IT

    Shared provision courses:

    • History
    • Engineering
    • Music Technology
    • Media : Film and Television Media Games
    • Drama
    • BTEC Performing Arts
    • Construction
    • Hospitality
    • Electronics
    • Design and Technology
    • Sports
    • Music
    • Geography
    • French
    • Further Pure Mathematics
    • Law
    • Graphics
    • Religious Education

    At Ysgol Uwchradd Caergybi we expect all members of the school community to demonstrate:

    • good manners, courteous and polite behaviour
    • pride in themselves, others and their environment
    • self-discipline
    • responsibility to others
    • unwillingness to accept intolerance towards others and/or anti-social behaviour
    • honesty and integrity in relationships with others
    • tolerance, sensitivity and compassion towards others

    See our Behaviour Policy in the policies section

    • Caterlink are the school meals provider.  They work hard to provide nutritious and tasty meals for our pupils which comply with the nutrient and food based standards in the Healthy Eating in Schools Regulations. 
    • Pupils are taught about healthy nutrition in Technology lessons
    • We have a vending machine which only sells healthy drinks
    • There are water coolers available around the school for clean drinking water

    Years 7, 8 and 9 - click here


    Years 10 and 11 - click here


    Years 12 and 13

    • Black trousers/skirt
    • White Shirt
    • Green Sixth Form Tie
    • Black Sixth Form V-neck jumper with school logo
    • Black footwear

    Gym/P.E. Girls
    Years 7, 8 and 9 : 

    Footwear - Training shoes or pumps
    Kit - Jade green polo shirt with school logo
    - Black 'skort' or shorts
    - Swimwear - dark swimming costume
    Years 10 and 11 are allowed to wear their own appropriate sporting kit
    For outdoor activities in the winter months, a dark coloured tracksuit is advisable
    Pupils are expected but are not forced to shower after the lesson, so a towel should be part of the kit.

    Gym/P.E. Boys
    Years 7, 8 and 9 : Footwear - Training shoes or pumps.  Football boots.
    Kit  - Bottle Green polo shirt with school logo
    -  Shorts - Black
    -  Football Socks - Green
    -  Swimwear - dark swimming shorts

    Years 10 and 11 are allowed to wear their own appropriate sporting kit
    For outdoor activities in the winter months, a dark coloured tracksuit is advisable
    Pupils are expected but are not forced to shower after the lesson, so a towel should be part of the kit

     ‘M & E Stores’ is the official supplier.

    Pupils should always attend school with pens, pencils, geometry set and a calculator in their school bag.  Small handbags/shoulder bags are not appropriate for use as a school bag.

    In certain cases, parents may qualify for financial help in the form of a) free school meals b) uniform grants

    Application forms may be obtained from the Education Welfare Officer at the Education Offices (Tel. 01248 752900) or from the School Office.  Any pupil or parent in need of assistance at any time should speak to the Headteacher in confidence, so that no child shall be deprived of educational opportunities.

    It is important that pupils have the following items of equipment and books with them at all times.

    • School bag
    • Pencil case
    • Biro or Fountain pen
    • Pencil
    • Colour pencils
    • Ruler
    • Sharpener
    • Eraser
    • Equipment for specialist subjects eg calculator
    • Rough book
    • Home Learning Planner

    Mobile phones, MP3, iPods and other electronic devices are not allowed and if seen will be confiscated until 3.15 pm Friday- valuables should be left at home

    Homework enables pupils to cover more subject content than is possible in lessons alone.  It allows time for researching information, re-drafting work, reviewing knowledge and skills taught in class and encourages independent study skills and reflection.

    Average time to be spent on homework:

    • Years 7 and 8  -  45 - 90 minutes per day
    • Year 9 -  1 - 2 hours per day
    • Years 10 and 11 - 1½ - 2½ hrs per day

    Homework in 2015-16 will utilise an on-line resource called ‘Show My Homework’.  This can be accessed following the link on the Home page of this website

    Homework will be marked either by the teacher, or by the pupil under the direction of the teacher.


    Various type of homework

    • Homework will vary according to the age and ability of the pupil.  The expectation is that all pupils will be set some type of homework

    The following are examples of homework:

    • Home Learning Packs
    • Write an essay
    • Research a topic and make notes
    • Read a chapter of a book
    • Prepare a talk
    • Re-draft some work
    • Learn vocabulary
    • Draw a sketch (for Art)
    • Draw a map and label it

    Where can homework be completed?
    Homework can be completed in the following places:

    • home
    • school library
    • after school

    Parent/Carer support

    • Parents can support their children by checking daily the homework set and discussing it.
    • Computers can be useful, and these are available for pupil use during the lunch hour if one is not available at home.
    • If a child appears to have too little, or too much homework please contact the school
    • Monitoring
    • Homework will be monitored by managers during evening meetings
    • The Head and Deputies will monitor throughout the year
    • Parents will monitor by checking pupils' Contact book or exercise books



    • The class teacher will initially pursue missing homework.
    • If several homeworks are missing, parents will be notified by letter from the relevant Head of Department, Curriculum Leader

    Pupil attendance will continue to be a particular area where school and home need to work together.  Some pupils are going on holiday during term time and some parents allow their children to be absent for no reason.  As a school, our aim this year is to achieve 95% attendance.  I am confident that by working together we can achieve, or even surpass this target.  To assist us could I please ask you to ensure that you telephone our Pupil Absence Hotline - Tel No 764956 before 9.10 am if your child is too unwell to attend school.  If we have not received a call from you to explain your child’s absence a text message will be sent to you.  Please respond to this message as promptly as possible by phoning the school office.

    When phoning the Pupil Absence Hotline please leave a message giving:

        i)          your name

        ii)         your home telephone number

        iii)        the child’s name

        iv)        the child’s tutor group

        v)         the reason for absence

      vi)        the likely date of return

    We ask for your assistance regarding Free School Meals.  If your child is eligible to receive Free School Meals it would be of considerable benefit to both the school and your child if all parents ensured that they register for this assistance.  Schools are assessed and funded in many aspects according to the percentage of pupils registered to receive free school meals.  That is, if every child eligible registers for this concession then our school will receive more money.  More money means better resources.  A cashless system has ensured that the privacy of those receiving free school meals will be respected. 

    Please see Behaviour Policy.